Steve Krueger - Konnection Episode 54 (Arnej Opener Live @ Caprice)

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Born and raised on grunge, punk, and hardstyle beats, Steve pushes the boundaries of what 130 beats per minute can do to a dance floor. Dark, driving, progressive bass lines are key to his performances and productions and are reflective of his many influences in the prog tech and techno scene.

1. Nick Warren - Rumbletump (Original Mix)
2. Jala - Drifting Planet (Martin Roth Remix)
3. Rodskeez - Urban Reality (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)
4. Deepfunk - Tulips Grow in Space (Original Mix)
5. Lost Chord - Chance for Life (Dimitry Molosh Remix)
6. Dousk - Steam One (Luke Porter Remix)
7. Blanka - Evolution (Amir Abbasi Remix)
8. Guy Mantzur - Rubber Man (Original Mix)
9. Sapiens - Clove's Story (Inkfish Remix)
10. Vinayak A - You May Sit and Wonder (Luke Porter Remix)
11. Andro V - Fox (Hector Sawlak Remix)